Amaya  Sunn is a Harlem based Author, Poet, Artist & Educator of Eritrean & Ethiopian descent. At birth she was given the name Rahwa meaning tranquility. At age three, amid her country’s most violent civil war she immigrated from Addis Ababa to New York City.

Creating her first poem at ten years old, she credits discovering her love for writing as life-changing. It gave her the outlet she needed to exercise her voice. As a teenager, her high school’s poetry club involvement and participation in various youth writing forums and open mic’s throughout the city at venues such as Wadleigh High School and Nuyoricans poets café intensified her passions. She attended Wesleyan University where she received a Bachelor's in Sociology. It was there she further cultivated her craft and growth as an artist, continuing to write and perform at showcases and campus-wide events. After college she began a career in youth development education running arts-based programs and developing curriculum for youth. As an educator, Amaya focuses on creating methods of teaching and empowering young people through mediums of theater and creative writing.

Amaya recently released her first book, Things Unsaid which debut #1 on Amazon’s New Releases in African Poetry. The book is a collection of art and wisdom manifested into a distinct language of poetry. A body of work broken down into five chapters - each its own world - each its own story. The messages conveyed come from a deep and personal place of cutting vulnerability. Vividly illustrating the many facets of humanness. Things Unsaid explores the complexities of mastering self, reconciling identity and seeking the path of self-love while navigating through systems and experiences of racism, misogyny, displacement, neglect, and trauma.